Eclectic and refined Italian artist, Elena Rede (pseudonym of Elena Re Depaolini) was born in Milan province from a family of artisans where, from an already early age, she learned the manual skills of shaping materials.

Her artistic education ranges from the studies of fine arts to advertising graphic design, studies that will lead her to work for well-known newspapers and advertising agencies and as a teacher in several courses. However she finds in art the proper language to best express her deep energy, first in the workshop of a great master, later in her atelier where she currently works in Milan and Alassio. In these places the creative talent of Elena Rede, starting from an ancient archetype recall of form and beauty, gives birth to a new figuration, mirror of the fractures of a world that is a reflection of today.

Her art becomes a meticulous poetic statement, the final act of a meditation directed to the essence of souls in rebirth. A fusion of art and philosophy that becomes substance crystallized through resins, molded with mineral pigments, scratched by oxides, carved in marble or hammered on the copper and tin sheet: a constant combination of past and present that the artist reproposes in a magistral contemporaneity in her oils on canvas, in her mixed technique on paper, in her sculptures and in her enigmatic resin worlds.

Several public recognitions called her on the international artistic landescape: from Rome 2009 where she was awarded the Jury Prize at the International Festival of Art, to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin Stattbad Central Berlin Art, where she represented the Italian art during the anniversary of the fall of the Wall. In 2011 she was a public prize finalist of the event “Artisti in Mostra” where she was awarded by Philippe Daverio; in the same year she exhibited in Paris by entering the selection of the Carrousel du Louvre. She took part to the 54th Biennale of Venice in the Italian Pavilion as an artist selected by the technical and scientific committee and by the study commission whose chairman Professor Vittorio Sgarbi later invited her to exhibit her installation in the Halls of the King in Vittorio Emanuele Gallery in Milan, at “Palazzo degli Alessandri” in Viterbo and at “Palazzo delle esposizioni” in Turin during the public event for the official conclusion of the Biennale of Venice to celebrate the 150° anniversary of Italy unification.
In 2012 at the
Hotel de Paris in the Principality of Monaco she inaugurates her jewelry line “Wearing Art”, a collection of small but precious wearable sculptures, later on presented at Sanat Fuari in Istanbul and in 2013 in the U.S.A in Miami during her solo exhibition at the same time as Art Basel.

Elena Rede takes part to a rich calendar of pubblic events related to many Expo 2015 projects, firstly with the installation chosen for the preview Expoarte in Scalvini Museum of Villa Tittoni in Desio (Mb), then at the AEM Foundation, Museum of Energy in Milan and later on with other personal and collective events in the circuits of Expo city Museums; moreover towards the end of the year, during the final period of Expo 2015, she will hold a personal event sponsored by Lombardy Region, Milan Province and Municipality of Nerviano, in the sixteenth-century frame of the former monastery Olivetano Nervianese, city in the hinterland of Milan where the artist was born.

Elena Rede works are both in Italy and abroad in private and public collections and the market quotations of her works are published in 48-50 Catalogue of Modern Art Mondadori edition where her name is mentioned under the category “SC” as artist recommended by critics.

                                                                                                                                                                           (Corinne Corci)