WEARING ART is an exclusive collection of hand-crafted jewelry, signed Elena Rede, eclectic and refined Italian artist, which carries the subjects of her paintings and sculptures in artistic castings on silver 925, 24 kt gold, mother of pearl, or on the clay, UNIQUE elements, deep and strong character, who choose the human body as original and unique space, as unique as the people who choose to wear a work of art.


From the stage of the canvas, drop the subject of several works very representative in the history of the art of Elena Rede, sculpt the 925, the blend, giving it the energy that it affects only the life of a work of art can give the strength and power of a unique and precious jewel.


The cosmos invades the mother of pearl with the elements of nature: air, water, fire and earth and to do this summons, minerals, stones, coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, gold and silver with their energy give life to jewelry powers magic.


Small silver pendants with character energetic and intense, intended for people that does not want to just wear jewelry but unique elements that bring with them deep symbolism.

Every jewelery Wearing exclusive line art, like any work of art created by artist Elena Rede, follows the philosophy of strictly piece unique because it is made with care and always redefined from her hand, so the details of each jewel colors and forms will be always different, and it is this philosophy of uniqueness that makes each individual item, a piece of art unique and precious!